Who is the daddy?

The more important question is, who pays child support?

Mary and Phil were good friends since high Sschool and despite the fact that there was never a romantic relationship between them, they remained close and loyal to each other. When Mary was 20, she had a son by another man and Phil continued to stand byher side despite the fact that she vowed she would never reveal who the child’s father was. Rumor has it that the father was a prominent business man who was married and revealing his identity would create a scandal, but the real father wasnever named.

When the child was a year old Mary began dating Jimmy and a year later they got married. When Jimmy agreed to adopt the child, the child’s father needed to sign a consent for the adoption to proceed in Court. Being the loyal friend that he was, Phil falsely signed a consent to the adoption as if he was the child’s father. By th etime that DCF completed their investigation and background check, it was determined that Jimmy was not eligible for the adoption and the adoption was denied.

Mary and Jimmy got a divorce. Mary applied for support benefits from the state and at that point it was necessary to reveal a father to reimburse the state for support payments to the child. Because Phil did not want to disclose that he had falsely signed a consent claiming to be the father and committed fraud on the Court, hegot stuck with the child support payments. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Friendship and loyalty are important, but how far should it go?

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