We turned 60 on April 15th

Management and staff of The Florida Star wish to let you know how much we appreciate you for giving us the privilege to serve you for sixty years. Our dream is to continue to be a voice for the citizens of Jacksonville.

It was during trying times for people of color when Eric Simpson started this newspaper. Much progress was made for our people, who at that time, were called ‘colored’ and was very short on civil rights. But what helped to keep us on track and encouraged us as a race, was the work and efforts of citizens like Mr. Simpson through The Florida Star. They kept us informed.

We are facing tough times again in this country. We wish to follow the guidelines of our founder and stay informed as we keep you informed.

The Florida Star plans to celebrate our 60th birthday on June 17, 2011, the week of Juneteenth when all of Black Americans finally learned that slavery had ended. So, mark your calendar

We hope you will join us on that day as we work together to continue to move forward as a people. Again, thank you!

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