WATCH NIGHT – At the Church Without Walls

Story by Clara McLaughlin

December 31, 2010 ended the decade that started with fear. Many were worried about what 2000 would bring, the changes in life as well as scientific changes. When 2000 arrived, the clocks and the computer systems all continued to work. Some were surprised but there were changes – good and bad. So, the best way to end and start another decade is rejoicing in music and love.

Brookhollow Baptist Church, affectionately known as the Church Without Walls, offered their members and the public an open door with the church’s mass choir and world renowned Kirk Franklin performing and their pastor, Dr. Ralph D. West, providing a sermon focusing on the First Psalms, explaining the tree and the roots. The Berry Center had standing room only with more than three fourth of the audience being members of the church that has three Houston locations, and two services every Sunday at two locations and one at the other.

The music and the sermon left everyone feeling very positive about the next decade. In fact, more than 100 came forward, as the pastor opened the doors of the church, making a pledge to join the 21,625 members (14,778 families) already a part of The Church Without Walls.

Dr. West is the founder and pastor of Brookhollow Baptist Church which started with 32 members at their first service on November 8, 1987 in a ballroom at the Brookhollow Marriott Hotel, Houston.

Jacksonville residents will have the opportunity to meet and hear Dr. West on January 19-21, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at Zion Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 2803 W. Edgewood Avenue as he leads East Florida and Bethany Baptist Association Convention Revival Service.

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