This is Not Us!

Shown above is a billboard in New York, urging  youth to pull up their pants.  Senator Eric Adams of New York, spent his own money for the billboard because of  his strong feelings about this dress style in his Brooklyn district. 
  Many do not understand the style since it is a hinderance when one is walking and it sends an undesirable message regarding personality.  So do you really want to stand out in a negative way?  The sign is placed to give hope that the low pant wearers will raise their pants and  therefore their image.


  1. I see this distasteful style in all neighborhoods regardless of race. This is a style of the youth whose families let them wear such embarrassing so-called clothing at home, school and in the community.

    Blacks are stigmatized more-so because the youth that wear this style mostly have dirty underwear and are not well cared for–hygiene, look and odor.

    Compared to white's that wear this style the clothing is clean for the most that I have seen; they wear long hair with tattoo's and are mostly in gangs.

    All that wear this style of clothing are mostly from a lower socio-economic background regardless of race or culture.

  2. I think it is totally disgusting that these young boys are walking around like that. I think that there should be a law that prohits young and OLD male and females to walk around with their pants hanging down. I think it is quite embarassing and they are ignorant to what that really means. I say take em' off or pull em' up. I can't stand to see it. I bet if they start passing out citations and tickets for everyone who sags showing their personals, they'll start pulling their pants up then. This indeed is indecent exposure!

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