The Healing Place Ministries Hosts Quarterly Prayer Breakfast 2017

Left to right: Ron Wise, husband to Pastor Shana Wise, Pastor Shana Wise of Wise Choice Ministries, Michael Dwyer, Financial Consultant, Evangelist Denise Williams, Founder of The Healing Place Ministries, Belinda Haynes, local business owner. Photo Credit: Brumbie Williams

By Denise Williams
The Florida/Georgia Star
On March 25th, The Healing Place hosted their first quarterly breakfast for 2017. The purpose of this event was to bring together believers in Christ to network, pray and learn more about those who labor among us. In attendance were Christian business owners, pastors, and lay members.

Throughout the breakfast business owners were able to connect with other believers in an atmosphere that inspired fellowship. Michael Dwyer, a financial consultant spoke about planning for the future and Diane King shared how being properly insured protects the entire family from financial ruin. The event was free to the public and showcased an array of Christian entrepreneurs as well as community leaders with their families.

The speaker was Pastor Shana Wise of Wise Choice Ministries of Orange Park. Her message inspired and motivated the participants to action. She expounded on intercession and how as believers we are all called to pray for others. She also spoke of women who were warriors in the faith. She spoke of her own journey to obey God, sharing how the blessing of being obedient has left an indelible impression on her life. As she shared nuggets from her book, Acts of Intercession, Pastor Wise painted a picture of how the women from the bible were not so different than the women of today. Her focus was that we all have challenges but in the end, it is our response to the call of God that is most important in our lives.

The Healing place Ministries is the brain child of Evangelist Denise Williams. Evangelist Williams has been in the Jacksonville, FL area for the past 16 years and active in ministry for thirty-five years. She believes her God-given mission is to reach the wounded with Christs’ message of hope and redemption. Her view is that local churches rarely provide resources for women who have been sexually, verbally or spiritually abused. In addition to hosting the quarterly prayer and networking breakfasts, she preaches the gospel, hosts a Christian book club, and a call in prayer line. Evangelist Denise is fully persuaded that believers in this day and age can be viable catalysts to expose the world to the transformation power that only Jesus can give.

To find out more about Evangelist Denise Williams and her organization visit: On facebook her fan page is: Healing Broken Vessels