The 147th Convention of The Most Worshipful Union Lodge of Florida Virgin Island and its Jurisdiction Drew thousands to the City

The Honorable Walter Gulley, Jr, Most Worshipful Grand Master

Photos by Denise Williams &  Frank M. Powell III
Every year in April, the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge meets in Jacksonville and fill the hotels with activities. The building that the organization owns on Broad Street, across from the County’s Court House, has four floors, but it is not large enough for the festivities which include food, Christian service, teachings, fashion shows, crowning of the king and queen and of course, the prom-like party where everyone is dressed to impress. And, who can ignore the Motown Review and the All White Dressed Party. This year’s major events were held at the Hyatt Hotel.

2017 was very special for the 18th Grandmaster, Walter Gulley. He recognized and gave honor to the men and women who had served America in the military. It was a very touching event and brought tears to the eyes of many. Also, one cannot forget the members of his first college class. Next year, he said the classes will be larger and will provide additional college credits.

On Sunday night, both the men and women attend the memorial service at the Second Baptist Church on State Street to recognize those who had gone to the other side during the past twelve months. Jacksonville and The Florida Star are always impressed with the great service and respect shown by the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge, and are anxiously awaiting April 2018.

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