Teen Claims Obama Blocked Him On Twitter After Protesting Invite of Muslim Student

ga_teenThe thirteen year old Georgia teen who became a viral sensation after slamming the President for inviting a Muslim student who was arrested for making a clock, thought to be a bomb, says he has been blocked from accessing Barack Obama’s Twitter account.

“It sucks that the handlers of the leader of the free world find it appropriate to block any American”, said C.J. Patterson who says he has been a conservative since he was eight years old.

“They lied about every issue of importance to the American people,” the teen wrote. “If I were a Muslim, would I get an invite to the White House too?”
Since his open rant, Pearson has gained a significant following from conservatives on Twitter.

“The reality of it is you don’t get invited to the White House for building a clock,” he said in the video that has gotten about 330,000 views. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I hate to be harsh, but it’s the plain truth.”

“When cops are gunned down, you don’t invite them to the White House. You never did. But when a Muslim builds a clock, come on by. What is this world you’re living in?” he said in the video.”He’s a Muslim kid, he fits into your agenda, so you’re going to go ahead and invite him, well that’s great for you.”

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