Shirley Caesar concert a big success

Photos by 1010Innovations/ABFlims photographer Anderson Brown

By Ki-era Groove

Praise With A Purpose
The iconic Gospel artist Shirley Caesar, 11 time Grammy winner was the main attraction at the Praise With A Purpose benefit concert on Sunday, September 3rd for former Congresswoman Corrine Brown.

“The most profound Gospel concert of the year!”
Selling out 2,000 seats at Abyssinia Missionary Baptist Church. Before Shirley Caesar anointed the attendees with her presence. Guest had the pleasure of enjoying the small business Pop-up shop and praising with live entertainment from Phillip Mercer, Abyssinia Choir, Robert Hayes (Classical Mime), and Najee Ward.

The Overpowering moment
Bishop McKissick, Sr. and Bishop McKissick, Jr. lead a prayer for Texas via phone with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas. Congresswoman Lee of Texas 18th district stated “It has been a troubling time for the community. They are in need of baby formula, clothes, perishable food items, clothes.”

Hold my Mule- It’s time to Praise With

A Purpose!
Pastor Shirley Caesar performed some of her biggest hits Hold My Mule, Jesus, I Love Calling Your Name, Teach Me Master, It’s Alright, It’s Ok and much more. The audience really enjoyed the moment when Pastor Shirley Caesar let some attendees sing with her Jesus, I Love Calling Your Name. Videos surfing on the internet of the TWO POWERFUL women Pastor Shirley Caesar and Congresswoman Corrine Brown sharing the stage together.

“We need more Gospel experiences like this!”
Special Thanks
Brandon Groover, CEO of Elite Home Health and sponsor of the Shirley Caesar Concert; and Mike Cobb, founder of Downtown Business Professionals and coordinator of the small business Pop-Up Shop.


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