SANDRA BLAND: Family to file lawsuit

080815_sandrablandBy Arthia Nixon
Florida/Georgia Star

The family of the Texas woman found dead in her jail cell three days after being arrested on a traffic violation are planning on suing, now that her death has been ruled a suicide by officials.

The question of what happened to Sandra Bland has been on the minds of many Americans who refuse to accept that with two new job offers and a seemingly positive outlook on life, she committed suicide.

While in Bland was in custody, it is said guards violated policies by failing to do timely checks on inmates.

It is further stated that county officials didn’t provide proof that jail staff had two hours of annual training with “the local mental health authorities … in accordance with their approved Mental Disabilities/Suicide Prevention Plan.”

An inmate who allegedly spoke to 28 year-old Bland, said she was worried about not being able to talk with her family members, and was stressed about missing her first day of work at her new job.

Theresa Dear, minister at DuPage AME Church outside Chicago, which Bland attended growing up told media: “How could someone go from a place of being excited about the future to now wanting to take their own life? … We, as a family and a community who love Sandra Bland, do not accept … this narrative that the Texas authorities
are putting in the media that she had suicidal tendencies.”