Rev. Jesse Jackson in Jax to STAND BY CORRINE’S SIDE

Judge will decide on motions after he dismissed spiritual juror who stated Brown’s innocence.

By Opio Sokoni
The Florida/Georgia Star

Reverend Jesse Jackson was in town this week to support Corrine Brown during her court appearance on Monday. Her lawyer, James Smith, argued for giving Brown a new trial. She was recently convicted by a jury on 18 counts of mail, wire and tax fraud. However, Judge Timothy Corrigan must consider if he improperly dismissed a juror during the deliberation process. The juror expressed his spiritual belief that Corrine Brown was innocent. Brown would have not been convicted had that juror not been removed by the judge. Corrigan heard two motions — one for a new trial and the other to dismiss the case. Brown’s lawyer has submitted a brief with case law supporting Brown. His main point is that not to grant her a new trial or dismiss altogether would be a miscarriage of justice.

Reverend Jackson ate lunch at noon with friends of Corrine Brown. He told the group and The Florida Star that Brown supported his family when they needed her. He said she helped homeowners when they needed it the most. She built colleges and graveyards. Her record is unmatched by any other federal legislator when it comes to helping veterans. Jackson also mentioned Trayvonn Martin. He said we may not have known about his death had Corrine not raised the case up. Jackson remembered that Brown stood with the Haitians during the AIDS crisis.
Reverend Jackson said that it seems now that all we have fought for is under attack. He ended stating, “Deep water does not drown you – you drown when you stop kicking.”

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