Rapper Plies Sued by Five

FStar-121209-a-01cRapper Plies, has been sued by five men from Gainesville, along with his record label, Sli-N-Slide
Records, Inc. and the night club where Plies was performing, 238 West on West University Avenue.
The attorney handling the suit, is Christopher Chestnut who has offices in Gainesville, Jacksonville
and other Florida cities. Mr. Chestnut is handling the suit on behalf of Billy Dee Williams, Michael L. Daymon, Edwin D. Faircloth, Steve Jean-Jacquesss and Dorian S. Johnson, who were shot during the concert in 2006.

According to reports, Plies was performing when his microphone was cut off at the club. He
became angry and a fistfight started. His bodyguards, Troy D. Carnegie and Ronnell L. Lavatte, as well as his security guard, all pulled out guns and began firing. The victims were all shot in different parts of their body.


  1. The actions of the body guards is despicable, and the looks of the rapper's picture is not conducive to the African American male.

    The rapper's looks stigmatize's what most races see as a "hoodlum," or "thug."

    Until we can instill in our youths the need for an education with a religious upbringing, they will look to drugs, gangs, and having babies, our youth's are going to be in the criminal system whether we like it or not.

  2. I am sorry that happened to those young men. But at the same time, it is not such a great idea hagging in night clubs. First of all, your'e in a place where there is drinking and drugging going on. People are already high and drunk and the music is boasting their heads. You have to know that is a recipe for disaster. The holy spirit is not present in such a place. Just demons. Anything can happen.

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