Preserving And Celebrating Dixville

Inez Williams

By Angela Favors-Morrell

Dixville Community has been recognized and is officially listed on the Georgia Register of historic places worthy of preservation.

Last week a special event was held at the Inez Williams Park in Brunswick.

Williams was prominent member in the Dixville Community. Williams earned the title as Mayor of the Dixville Community.
In 2004 a park was named after Inez Williams.

The Dixville District contains a high percentage of contributing buildings within its borders and retains sufficient integrity to convey its significance. The period of significance is 1875, from the initial development of the neighborhood through 1880-1919, when the neighborhood’s racial composition had transitioned to become an upwardly mobile working class African-American community. Dixville has a long and rich African American history, but for too long, African American historic resources in the city and region have received little attention. Today, some of these struggles may seem like distant memories, but their impacts are still reverberating and shaping the city of Brunswick as we know it. From churches and schools to businesses and fraternal organizations, the African American experience has left an indelible mark on the city of Brunswick’s neighborhoods. The historic sites and buildings that embody this rich heritage are still scattered around the city, both as reminders of the past and as current community pillars. These resources deserve recognition and protection, and to be celebrated not only for their importance to black history, but for their significance to American history architecture, archaeology, engineering and culture and the history of South East Georgia’s “Dixville.”

Mathew Hill, executive director of Brunswick’s Downtown Development Authority nominated Brunswick neighborhood, “Dixville” to the Georgia Register of Historic Places. During the year of ‘2015, History, a full-service, historic preservation consultant firm in Nashville, Tenn was awarded the contract to put together the nomination package; the city commission passed a resolution to apply for a Historic Preservation Fund Grant; and the city was awarded matching funding through the Historic Preservation Fund Grant Program. Brunswick, Georgia is eagerly awaiting for formal nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

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