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Written by May E. Ford

Glenn Heights, TX – Earlier this month Nico Lachi Leejay entered into a contest for the best essay on “What Diversity Means In My Community.” This is the 1st Annual City of Glenn Heights Mayor’s Essay Contest. The Mayor’s office mailed out flyers asking residents to write a 300 word essay on the topic. Lachi’s mother, Ashley, thought it would be good if her son was to participate. Last week Lachi’s family got a call from the city stating that Lachi was the winner for the 1st Place winner of the Intermediate category and would be invited to the next council meeting to receive his award.

At the Glenn Heights Council Meeting, Victor Pereira, Mayor of Glenn Heights, presented Lachi and two other students with a $50 U.S. Savings Bond and a copy of their paper rewritten on the city’s letterhead for them to cherish for years to come. There was one winner for three different grades…Lachi was winner of the 5th grade, another one was for 4th grade and one for the 7th grade. Each winner had to read aloud to the Mayor and Council members and the public audience the paper they wrote.

The next day, one of the council members visited Lachi’s school to take pictures with him for the school’s display and to place in the city’s newspaper.

Lachi is very active in his school. For Christmas 2010, he was the narrator for the school play. He is an A-Honor Roll student every six weeks. He also made one of the highest scores on the TAK’s test this school term, missing only two questions.

Lachi is the oldest of three children. He enjoys playing with his younger brothers when he is not reading a novel. He is so modest about all of his achievements. Although, he knows how special the things are that he does, he is just not the type to boast about it. He leaves that up to his parents and grandparents (May E. Ford, paternal grandparent) who are so very proud of him, needless to say.


What Diversity Means in My Community
By Nico Lachi Leejay

Diversity is the way different cultures, people, and traditions form together to make a community. Just like our nation, made of different people, we form all of our cultures to be the United States of America. In my opinion, I think every country (or continent) should be united. Some people might think, “But wait, won’t it be hard to learn each other’s customs?” Yes it will be little hard, but with a little help and understanding we will learn.

Another example of diversity is the way people are different in a community. It’s impossible to have two people to be the same. We are all different in many ways. Because if we were the same it would look strange. We wouldn’t probably be friends; we would not get along with each other because we were the same person. Everybody should be their own person with their own cultures and traditions.

Diversity also allows people who would not usually get a chance to succeed. Many people have received more jobs and opportunities over the past few decades because of diversity. Managers and leaders of our community want a more diverse organization so numerous people will be able to get to the top. A lot of people have a bright future ahead of them when they are all included.

The benefits of diversity in my community are learning new languages, new songs, and dance techniques. We can also learn new ideas from different people. The ideas we learn from different people make us more knowledgeable. Having a diverse community makes us stronger and more understanding to others.


  1. Congratulations! As his maternal grandparents we are very proud of Nico Lachi's participation in this competition and coming out a winner! He wrote such an inspiring essay. He has always been an excellent student and such a kind young man. He is the type of young person that can one day become one of our country's leaders.

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