Please, Don’t Let Alisa Die

The Florida Star received a letter from Eric Wilson advising that he and his wife are in need of assistance regarding a health care problem for their daughter, Alisa Wilson, who is 37 years of age with a 10-yearold son. Alisa is in need of a liver transplant.

The couple was informed on November 3, 2010 that Lisa would receive a transfer from St. Vincent’s ICU in Jacksonville to Florida Hospital in Orlando to receive preparatory rehabilitation for a liver transplant. However, on the following day, the family was told that the liver transplant could not be done because her medicaid care had reached its maximum.
Prior to Lisa’s illness, she was with Sunshine State Health Insurance Plan HMO. That program was not acceptable to Mayo, which is known for its professional work regarding liver transplants.

The Wilsons were seriously concerned as their daughter’s health continued to fail. After discussion with Dan Evans of The Florida Star and cooperation from their church, the Wilson again felt hope.

A “One Life to Live” Candle Light Prayer Vigil is planned for Saturday, November 13th, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at Good News Evangelism Ministries, 7646 Lem Turner Road, Pastor Dr. Deborah H. Coleman and Rev. Otha Coleman Sr. have planned the event.

Mr. Wilson was informed on Thursday, November 11 that Medicaid has made a determination, after many inquiries, to take care of surgery for Alisa. The Wilsons are needing to know the cost of all that is needed to take care of their daughter, who is getting weaker daily. They wish to know the cost and are having the prayer vigil to get help from God and the people. It is not clear how much would be needed and if Medicaid would want to know the total cost before going forward before Lisa can actually get prepared for the transplant.

In talking with a medical care specialist, it was learned that many hospitals will take care of those in need, knowing that they may have to ‘eat the cost of the procedure.’ In this case, at least they will know that part will be paid through medicaid. Another concern is the health of Alisa and her ability to go through with the surgery and the procedures that will follow.

Prayer will make a difference. Therefore, all is invited by the church and the family, to attend this prayer vigil. Lisa does not wish to leave her son alone and her parents are getting older.

When you see situations like Alisa Wilson, you wonder why Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum has filed a Motion for Summary Judgment in the Health Care Lawsuit. Oral argument for this motion will take place on December 16, 2010 in Pensacola. With all of this, and realizing that Lisa is not the only person that is suffering now or in the future with health problems.

Help is needed. Please help!

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