Pastor, Activist, The Reverend Zack Lyde, the Candidate for the North Ward

RevLydeVet Election Day is Tuesday, Nov.3rd in Georgia

Pastor, Activist, The Reverend Zack Lyde, the Candidate for the North Ward is positioned to march by Faith into position as Brunswick’s North Ward Commissioner on November 3, 2015.

Reverend Lyde, a native of Brunswick has a heart for this city as he proudly proclaims My Home Town. He is no stranger to politics.

Although he does not occupy an elected position on the city, State or Federal government, he is a known active advocate for the Civil and Human Rights for all person. Reverend Lyde is an instructor of the United States Constitution Law, an Historian who teaches the legancy, the struggles, the advancement and the progress of African Americans Past and Present.

He is noted for taking a stand against the inappropriate discipline against students who were expelled for life for fighting.

Reverend Lyde has actively assisted in the fund raising efforts for a candidate for a kidney transplant. His mission is to follow
Gods Plan to heal the land and continue in His Passion of Moving Brunswick Forward. Reverend Lyde, a Vietnam Veteran is the Founder and Officer of Moving Brunswick Forward Inc. He is the Pastor of Saint James Missionary Baptist Church, Brunswick, Georgia; the founder of the Reconciliation Revival, the Tunis Campbell School of the Deacons of Defense and Justice.

Reverend Lyde faces John Cason for the commission seat in Brunswick’s north ward. Former South Ward Commissioner James Brooks is now the Campaign Manager for Reverend Lyde. Commissioner Julie Martin from Brunswick’s south ward is running against Linda Mincey and Valeria Scriven.

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