Part 3: Corrine Brown is the latest victim of a racist system targeting black officials



By Opio Sokoni, MSCJ, JD   |  The Florida/Georgia Star

In Corrine Brown’s case, elderly people are being harassed about what she is doing concerning China and other things. Their racism is thinly veiled. For instance, they asked one person if a black male was home. When they were told that he was not, they asked if he was in prison. The man was away in college.
These are the tactics that comes out of the mind of J. Edgar Hoover, who lead the FBI without oversight for years. He did some dastardly things including attempting to get civil rights leader Dr. King to commit suicide. He had shown so much hate for black leadership – from Marcus Garvey to Malcolm X – that reading the Senate Church Committee Report detailing the FBI tactics of COINTELPRO feels like a horror fiction. Corrine is a victim of Hoover’s ghost which still lurks within the FBI and other federal agencies including the IRS and many prosecutors’ offices around the country. Many are afraid to address this type of injustice for fear of becoming a target themselves. However, Howard University School of Law’s education does not include cowardice. If we do not take on these types of injustices, we are called parasites. It is easy to see why so many would be afraid because of the thuggish tactics that are used.
As mentioned in the first article of this series, 30 different times, agents went out and told people to offer Corrin Brown money. This is a simple case of entrapment. No government should go this far to create a case on a U.S. citizen. Our government uses its unlimited amount of money and resources to employ these tactics. Their actions become even more outrageous the more we learn.
For instance, investigators went to Tampa and offered a prison release if he could offer something on Corrine Brown. He said they told him that even if he made something up he could go home today. This happened at the Sam Gibbons courthouse. This was a courthouse that Corrine helped to have named after Gibbons who was her mentor.
Former Congresswoman Brown has done battle in government contracting. The federal courthouse and the Fuller Warren Bridge are projects that reached over 200 million dollars. No black businesses received contracts. This is a subject matter where slick racists hate for blacks to tread. Racists within government are so greedy that even a 10% set aside is too much to let go. They want 100% of the contracting and often use sellout blacks, white women or wavers to get around the laws.
Take the example of a 100-million-dollar project where a black company may get 10%. This could help a small business. Prosecutors become dumb when it comes to going after those white officials and big businesses that break federal law. These white-own businesses work with government officials to ensure that black businesses do not get that $20 plus million. These are but small examples in the larger scheme. These tactics are against federal law. But, they find no problem going after Brown, even if that means using tactics that are intimidating and demeaning to all involved. People like Corrine Brown must put up her retirement just to fight these types of charges.
In the first article, we wrote on this matter, Corrine is sitting next to the first black woman to become a senator in the U.S. Congress. Her name is Carole Moseley Braun. Wouldn’t you know that she was also a victim of a racist investigation. In 1993 the Federal Election Commission targeted her concerning, among other things, $249,000 in alleged unaccounted-for campaign funds. The IRS sent information to the Justice Department which was summarily turned down. The case was dropped.
George Will, who is a major writer and political commentator, penned an article concerning the allegations – further fueling the flames against Senator Moseley Braun.   This woman who was not willing to bite her tongue stated, “I think because he couldn’t say nigger, he said corrupt.” Then she hit him with another zinger stating, “I mean this very sincerely from the bottom of my heart: He can take his hood and put it back on again, as far as I’m concerned.”
As many can discern, this is not just about Brown. Black elected officials in Jacksonville are targeted. The support from good citizens creates the balance that is needed to push back against these types of government actions. There are many people that want to be at the courthouse to support Congresswoman Brown.
The jury selection will begin April 24th and the trial starts on the 26th. Those wanting to help can send prayers and donations. Because Corrine is no longer an elected official, she does not have to go by the contribution guidelines. There is no amount too large (or small) to contribute. Her lawyer says those funds should be made out to the attention of CPLS P.A. and mailed to his attention (James Smith, III at 201 East Pine Street, Suite 445, Orlando, FL 32801 – 407.647.7887 x254). As the wise ones always say, the strength of the wolf is in the pack.