New Fire Chief for Jacksonville

Mayor John Peyton, as  required, is now putting together  his transition team for the  next mayor. In doing so, he  appointed Dan Kleman as  head, who presently serves as  director of Jacksonville’s Fire-  Rescue Department and  replaced him with Dr. Charles  Moreland. Moreland will need  to be confirmed by the City  Council. He has been with  Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department for twenty years. He  has served as chairman of the department’s rescue division  since 2003 and will be the city’s second African American  Chief. Prior to Peyton, Ray Alfred served. 

In 2009, Chief Moreland was named EMS Administrator of  the Year by the Florida Association of County EMS. He  received his bachelor from Edward Waters College. He also  has a degree in nursing, a doctorate of education and a masters  in public administration from Nova Southeastern University.  Dr. Moreland was the first minority to serve as chief of rescue  and led a command of more than 200 personnel.

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