My Day: Journalism Fellows Honored

Ester Davis

By Dr. J. Ester Davis


Breaking News: The paradigm shift reeled into our society in the 80’s is being lead today by America’s young.

Recently while attending the Journalism Fellowship Scholarship Luncheon in Washington, D.C., I left with stars in my eyes over what I had just witnessed. Actually, knowing my rusty shorthand was going to get ‘cold’ on me, I had to quickly get to a quiet place to interrogate and translate my thoughts.

Let’s start here. And let’s use paradigm shift as a noun, a change in basic concepts and approach, kind of a metamorphosis in my view. The room for the luncheon was full of enthusiasm and bright shining faces of college students from historically black colleges and universities, corporate executives and national newspaper publishers and writers (NNPA).  Most people pick up a program — look at it out of sheer habit, but never measure the importance or intensity of the times. I picked up my program and thought ‘what a partnership’. . for vetting greatness and embracing change. So here we were in a leading edge technological arena welcoming college trailblazers to the head table.

The theme was this evening was “Discover the Unexpected” celebrating these young fellows for their accomplishments during their summer internships, where they scored high marks with their mentoring black newspaper editors and publishers. This evaluation is very significant. Let me share with you some upfront and personal results of fundamental change and its relationship to ‘shift’ in our approach and assumptions. There are approximately 31 million bloggers in the country today. There are also video bloggers. Statistically, this breaks down to about 48% Caucasian, 38% African American, 9% other and 4% Latino. Daily there are about 500,000 new posts on the internet. With these stats alone, it is evident that reading is much more pronounced, learning critical and education mandatory. Newspapers are here to stay with rising percentages, larger readership and brands reaching global appeal.

Congratulations . . . to the fellows. Applause to the all new 2018 Chevrolet Equinox in partnership with the publishers and the fellows. The students love the vehicle because they recognize that certain brands have continued to develop advanced reliable vehicles for their real and anticipated lifestyle.

Since I am out of time and space, please do not miss the stories and videos from the HBCU student journalists. Discover more of their important stories, their inspiration, their written perceptions about African American life and culture. Send a comment:

#discovertheunexpected and/or As time permits, the Ester Davis IMedia Show will be talking to them via SKYPE or internet on Fishbowl Radio Network (FBRN.US) Thursday Midday Week (1 p.m./CST).


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