Kerry Washington Set to Produce Feature Film “The Mothers”

By Jasmine Cheeseborough
For The Florida/Georgia Star


Kerry Washington will be producing the movie adaptation of Brit Bennett’s debut novel “The Mothers”. This project will be produced by Warner Bros. in conjunction with Washington’s Simpson Street production company, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Bennett’s compelling coming of age novel takes a sobering look at religion, abortion, and friendship while finding love after heartbreak. The central character is seventeen-year old Nadia, who lives in a predominately black, southern California community. Nadia’s life is forever changed after discovering she is pregnant with the local preacher’s son, Luke. After careful contemplation, she makes the difficult decision to have an abortion, chose to pursue her collegiate dreams and the life her mother never had over her that of her unborn child. After Nadia escapes the small-town life to follow her collegiate dreams, Luke falls in love with her best friend. What unfolds is a story of how Nadia and Luke each go their separate ways but are never able to fully let go of the decisions they embraced as adolescents. The author, Britt Bennett wrote this book choosing a narration style to tell this story from the perspective that “black mothers sees all.”

Kerry Marisa Washington in addition to being a stellar actress is married to Nnamdi Asomugha; an NFL player for the Oakland Raiders. Together they are the parents of one daughter, Isabelle Amrarachi. Ms. Washington is an activist, supporting gay rights and supported Hilary Clinton in her campaign for the Presidency. She is the daughter of an educator and a realtor. Ms. Washington is a cousin to former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell through her mother’s lineage.

This NYC native grew up in the Bronx and gained national attention when she won the role of “Della Bea Ray” playing opposite Jamie Fox as his wife in the film adaptation of the life of musician and singer Ray Charles. Ms. Washington is no stranger to the production side of film. She has been hailed as a “producing powerhouse” by Vanity Fair in August of 2016 and made her executive producer debut in an HBO movie entitled “Confirmation” which centers around attorney Anita Hill and her allegations of sexual misconduct by Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. Ms. Washington’s Simpson Street Production company has also signed a deal with ABC in the summer of 2016 to produce a police drama that follows the lives of four female officers.