Katt Williams to tape new ‘Great America’ standup special in Jacksonville

Katt Williams

Just in time for Independence Day weekend, renowned standup comedian, Katt Williams, will take on Jacksonville with the taping of his latest standup special. The set will feature original material from his recent successful Great America Tour 2017.
The notorious actor, rapper and comedy icon has established himself as a seasoned veteran entertainer. His career challenges have shaped his character and contributed to his ability to relate to a diverse national audience. Katt’s signature strong will and self-motivated work ethic continue to serve him well – transcending adversity on his road to success.
The star comedian projects to re-examine any preconceived limiting beliefs to move forward,


“I think 2017 is about reinvention. We’ve seen that truly impossible things, or things that have been viewed as impossible, even those things can happen. No matter what your trajectory has been in the past, that still has no bearing on what the future might hold for you. My overwhelming thing for the star player now is: allow yourself to dream big. In the past, we’ve thought if you’re this old, you can’t do that. If you’re this height, you can’t do that … We’ve got people doing miraculous things. Hopefully 2017 ushers in a brand new time of invention and people coming up with ideas that are truly outside the box.”
— Katt Williams

Katt has entered into 2017 with a transformed vision and purposeful intent. He expresses himself like never before on his Great America Tour, re-instilling the confidence of his loyal fans and gaining national attention for his reinvented routine. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for his funniest special yet.
Filming for his special will take place on July 7 and 8 at Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Fla.
Tickets for each show are sold separately and can be purchased online for Friday show, visit floridatheatre.com/event/
For Saturday, July 8th show, visit floridatheatre.com/event/katt-williams/ or in person by phone via Florida Theatre box office at 128 East Forsyth Street, 904-355-2787.