Jags Deliver A Win

Chris Ivory working his way through the defense. (Photo by Laurence Greene/ The Florida Star)

The Florida Star

Call it a Christmas miracle if you will. The Jacksonville Jaguars trounced the Tennessee Titans 38-17 in Week 16 raising their record to 3-12 on the 2016 season. It was a miraculous game filled with plenty of big moments for a team that was vanilla and led by a mediocre head coach just a week before.

Credit to interim head coach Doug Marrone who made the Jaguars actually look like they played to their talent level for the first time all season. This included big plays on defense (including a Jalen Ramsey pick-six) and offensive innovations like a Marqise Lee touchdown pass to Blake Bortles.

Aside from those big plays, the key difference was in execution. Bortles looked like an impressive young signal caller, completing 68.4 percent of his passes for 325 yards and one touchdown while keeping the ball safe. It is his first game with over 300 passing yards that has resulted in a win.

On Sunday the Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts, will meet for their final game of the regular season at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

“It’s closure for us in the sense of just ending on a good note,” Jaguars receiver Marqise Lee said. “All year we talked about how much we were capable of, which I still believe.

Never going to lose faith as far as how capable we are of getting the job done. We just have to come back here next year and do what we need to do.”