Hurricane Joaquin brings death and destruction to The Bahamas

joaquin_2015 Hurricane Joaquin has forced entire communities in the southern Bahamas to be evacuated in the wake of one of the most catastrophic natural disasters to hit the nation in recent years. 33 souls travelling through The Bahamas are believed to have perished when their ship, El Faro was lost.

The Coast Guard has since located a debris field and a life vest containing human remains.
Storm surge rushed in and swept away homes as families sought shelter in crawl spaces in the roof. Places designated as hurricane shelters also suffered damage and severe flooding from the storm that hit with category four winds.

A group of concerned Bahamians in metro Atlanta have come together to collect supplies for their countrymen who lost everything as a result of Hurricane Joaquin last week.
With communication lost to friends and relatives on the island, the independent group decided they simply wanted to help in any way they could.

“My social media pages and phone had been flooded with people asking how to help just because they felt compelled to do so,” explained Arthia Nixon, coordinator and public relations director. “Having access to a lot of the information through my media background, we were able to get on a conference call and decide what to do. We also were in touch with organizers on the ground in The Bahamas who gave us an idea of specific needs. People want to help and we are focused on doing that. We encourage every organization or group that wants to help, to simply put out the call to help. Our core team includes a licensed tax professional, several community outreach personnel and inventory trackers.

At the end of the day, we do want donors to see that their items have reached those who need it most.”

Read the full story in the print edition of The Florida Star and The Georgia Star Newspapers

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