HOPE NOW & Wealth Watchers Host Housing Roundtable

Left to right: Terrance Brisbane, VP Community Development Mortgage Banking Center, Monique Terry, VP Wealth Watchers Inc. / A Fannie Mae MHN and Charles Baxley, Garrison Home Mortgage Consultant

By Denise Williams
The Florida/Georgia Star

On Thursday, May 11, 2017, the Wealth Watchers in partnership with HOPE NOW hosted a housing roundtable at Kingdom Plaza banquet hall located 5310 Lenox Ave on Jacksonville’s west side. This event drew a sizable cross section of housing professionals and residents who convened to address affordable home ownership in the Jacksonville, Florida area. This event also served as a networking opportunity for financial professionals, real estate agents, loan officers, current homeowners and future homebuyers to explore options on how residents can achieve the American dream of purchasing their first property.

Eric Selk, Executive Director of HOPE NOW moderated this much-needed event. HOPE NOW is an organization that partners with counselors, mortgage companies, investors and real estate market participants. The alliance was encouraged by the Department of the Treasury and U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. Its overall goal is to assist homeowners, communities and local government to work together in an effort to repair the slowly recovering housing market. Wealth Watchers of Jacksonville is designed to educate low-to-moderate income families on basic finance. This nonprofit is a HUD certified Housing Counseling and Community development organization.

Their overall objective is to stabilize neighborhoods while revitalizing communities by supporting small businesses and providing fiscal literacy.

This fiscal literary forum brought together over 15 mortgage & financial industry professionals with the goal of assisting residents of the First Coast in achieving personal wealth through home ownership. Many aspects of how to address this concern were raised. One important aspect was that of the tax changes in relations to home buying. Another topic raised included how much quality inventory existed in the city of Jacksonville. The myth of buyers having to acquire twenty percent down to purchase a home was raised in addition to possible methods that could be implemented to inform the public of financial outlets that would be viable tools in repairing or improving credit ratings.

To find out more, visit the website of Wealth Watchers  or HOPE NOW: