Georgia Governor Deal visit Brunswick

What could be more exciting to a graduating high school student than their governor, his first lady and the mayor joining them for their high school graduation?  Well, that is exactly what happened the past week in Brunswick, Georgia.  Talking about the golden isles, one student said since this occurred at one of the city’s most prominent predominantly minority churches, it was like the church earned its name, Greater Works Ministry.  It certainly made the graduates and the members and guest of the church more motivated.    This was an event no one would have dreamed of occurring in Georgia, but it did.  Along with the governor, the first lady and the mayor were judges, county commissioners, state representatives, leaders  of the community, including business leaders and other politicians, at a time when many around America feel the country is falling apart when it comes to race.  Such is making a statement for the future.

After the congregation joined together in singing and praying, Pomp and Circumstance began to play and Governor Deal, his wife, high school graduates, college graduates , all a part of the congregation, marched in.  Members and visitors of the congregation prayed quietly as they wiped the tears away.  This was an unprecedented event.


The first speaker was the former principal of Glynn Academy who will be moving up as principal of Brunswick High and Assistant to the superintendent.  Dr. Scott Spence stated that he was excited and overwhelmed by such event.   Susan Lipthratt spoke and said

“In your life you are going to face a lot of trials and tribulations but such adversities strengthen you.    A recent graduate spoke and told about some of his trials after leaving Brunswick but he is now a college graduate and continuing his journey on a road of success.


Governor Deal encouraged the graduates advising that there may be many times of difficulty but you should not let them frighten you.  He further mentioned his own accomplishments, advising it was not easy.


Pastor Mark Baker presented awards to the graduates and educators to continue their road to success as thet encourage our youth.