Dr. Richard A. McLaughlin passed away in Texas

Dr. Richard A. McLaughlin

Dr. Richard Austen McLaughlin left this home of labor to enter his final resting place on Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 1:35 p.m.

A giving being, after spending many hours in his professional field in Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas, Dr. McLaughlin spent his final days serving the Houston community through his volunteer work, his church and his efforts to continue to use his blessed learning abilities to expand his educational knowledge.

For many years after he no longer practiced medicine, he sang in the men’s choir in Houston at the Church Without Walls. He worked very diligently with Houston’s Senior Center, the NAACP and other non-profit organizations. But such was not enough, he studied the art of using the computer when many men his age with his educational level would pass such chores on to the younger generation.

Because of his love for music, the medical doctor enrolled in a music class where he not only learned to sing but also learned to play the piano and other instruments. Dr. McLaughlin completed his undergraduate studies at Loyola University as a chemist before going to Howard University College of Medicine and completing his internship and residency in Obstetrics and gynecology prior to making Houston his permanent home.

Dr. McLaughlin was a great motivator and therefore encouraged his wife, children and other family members to achieve. His former wife, Clara became an author and media professional/owner and his daughter, Rinetta Fefie joined the field of nursing. His son, Richard (Ricky) moved into the hotel industry and his wife, Amanda, is a Dallas business owner while his only grandchild, Xavier is leaning heavily towards science technology. His other son Christopher McLaughlin served in the military.

Dr. McLaughlin was the son of Adrian Fitzgerald McLaughlin and Muriel Mozel Barrett. He was born in New York City but shortly thereafter, his family moved to Kingston, Jamaica where he lived until he was 18 and joined the U. S. Airforce. Richard has one sister, Shirley Dishmen, and had two brothers – Adrian, who is deceased and the other brother, Jack Williams, who also lives in the Houston area with his wife, Lileath and son, Jack, Jr. Their daughter, Renee, transitioned to the other side in 2013. Other family members who are left to moan include his nieces Yolanda D. Knuckles, her husband, Norman and children, Bobbi and Brandi. His first niece is Tina Haughton, who is the mother of daughter, Makeda and son, Malik. Others include his in-laws from Clara’s family.

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