Dr. Isaac M. Thapedi – Health Care for All

Dr. Isaac M. Thapedi

With the White House and many members of Congress not understanding the critical issue of good health care needed by all

Americans, no matter their financial ability, the Florida/Georgia Star newspapers, Star TV and Impact radio show  reached an agreement with an outstanding physician to join us weekly on things we need to know about our health since medical care for the elderly and low income citizens is being lessen with smaller amounts of assistance through this present administration.


Dr. Isaac Martin Thapedi, a South African native who worked as a reporter after graduating with honors in his native land, was awarded financial assistance to attend undergraduate studies in Illinois; again graduating with honors and receiving a medical degree with honors from Howard University.   After years of excelling as a neurosurgeon, this brilliant man has decided to spend his later years helping others excel while  maintaining good health without relying totally on the system.


Dr. Thapedi has practiced in Canada, Illinois and Arizona.  He has participated in many advance programs,  appeared in many medical journals and has an extremely large number of professional affiliations.  He has also received many civic awards and medical appointments.  Now, he will reach out to help those in need and therefore may suffer more than necessary if they don’t read or receive medical advice.


You may keep up with Dr. Thapedi through our media by reading our papers, and watching and listening through one or all of our media outlets.  You may reach him:  Dr. I. M. Thapedi, Post Office Box 40629. Jacksonville, FL 32203.

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