Dedicate Votes to Harry T. & Harriette Moore

On Christmas night of 1951, Florida Civil-Rights crusader Harry T. Moore and his wife, Harriette, were killed  (Mrs. Moore died a few days later in the hospital) by a bomb placed under their house, by members of the Ku  Klux Klan. Moore founded the first branch of the NAACP in Brevard County, Florida and helped organize the  statewide organization. He became the state secretary for the Florida chapter of the NAACP. The NAACP won  a major victory in Florida in 1944 when its Whites-only Democratic Primary was ruled unconstitutional, and  Moore began immediately to take advantage of the opportunity to increase Black political power and stepped up  the organizations voter registration efforts. Largely as a result of his activities, Black voter registration increased  from a miserable 5 percent in 1934 to 31 percent in 1950…a figure that was higher than any other southern state. 

 November 2, 2010 will be almost 59 years from the time the Moore’s gave their lives for us to have the Right  To Vote! December 25, 2010 will be one year shy of six decades when two little girls lost their parents because  some racist thought we should NOT have the Right To Vote! 


The Conservative are not trying to fool us, they have told us to our faces what they plan to do if they take back  the U. S. House and Senate. They have let us know that they plan to roll back the funds for Education which will  affect Our Children; and Social Security which will affect Our Mothers and Fathers; Health Care, which will  affect All of Us who do not currently have health insurance; and Jobs, which will affect All of Us who do not currently  have jobs or those who wish to have better jobs or the opportunity to move up. 

 In 2008 we elected President Barack H. Obama, the first African American President. November 2, 2010 at the  top of the ticket we have the opportunity to elect Kendrick Meek to the U. S. Senate. As the Senator for Florida  Kendrick Meek would be the first African American elected to the Senate past the Mason Dixon Line. The whole  south is watching Florida in this race. This is the half way point in President Obama’s presidency and we owe it  to him to give him the help he needs to enable him to keep working and succeeding the way he has for us.  Contrary to what the conservatives want us to think, President Obama has been very successful during the first  half of his presidency. Try and name another president who accomplished what he told us he would accomplish  when he was campaigning for our vote. (See attached list of accomplishments of Obama Administration) 

If we don’t send him the support personnel he needs we will spend the next 2 years with our mouths hanging  open gasping for air…”oh I didn’t know it was that important…I should have voted!” 

President Obama campaigned on “Yes We Can” and here in Florida we all caught the fire and agreed “Yes We  Can”! Nowhere did the president say “Yes I Can” and WE must continue to work WITH the president so that he  can continue to move the progressive agenda which will benefit all of US. 

Harry and Harriette Moore were ordinary people. Mr. Moore taught school in the segregated public school system  in Mims, Florida, eventually moving up to a Junior High Principal and then a Senior High Principal, remaining  an educator until he was fired for his political activities in 1946. The Moore’s probably could not even dream  of the number of registered African American voters in Florida today, which is 1.6 million African American and  Caribbean voters…let’s make this clear, not that just live in Florida, but are registered to vote…1.6 MILLION…  and certainly they would not even think of Florida having Early Voting. Harry & Harriette Moore are the first  NAACP activist to be murdered and Harry Moore has been called the first 1950’s era Civil Rights Martyr. 

You know how we like to “study” history and you can rest assured the historians will look back at the 2010 elections  and say what did WE as African Americans do to prevent a back slide from  2008 and a slap in the face to Harry and Harriette Moore for giving their lives in 1951. 

Yes we won in 2008…and we won BIG… Let’s not be accused of Now Parking In  Our Success! 

 We who live in Florida have no excuse as to why we won’t vote. We actually have  to go out of our way not to vote. We can vote early, We can vote by mail, or we can  vote the traditional election day, November 2, 2010 and take five (5) people to the  polls with you!!! 

We cannot continue to listen to people who don’t have our best interest at heart, conservative  talk radio, trying to use religion to pit us against each other. 

We all live in the same house, unless you have a helicopter pad in your back yard or  a yacht docked nearby. You can’t go anywhere without me and I’m too scared to go  anywhere without you. 
Your Vote Is No Joke!!! 
Tony Hill  State Senator – District 1 
Chairman, FACE Alliance –

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