Dede Ferrell Lea – A Most Powerful Media Executive

When Dede Ferrell Lea was about nine years of age in Houston, Texas, her teacher said to her, “Dede, you are so smart and so pretty, you should try to become an airline stewardess.” Dede did not reply because she was looking at the people around her such as her oldest sister, Rene, who was at Howard University and Clara McLaughlin who had already graduated from Howard and had written a book. They were both in the field of communications.

So, when Dede graduated with honors, she of course, enrolled in Howard’s School of Communications. But that was not enough for Dede. Even though she realized that her main interest was the media, she enrolled and graduated from Georgetown University School of Law. After graduating from Georgetown University, she became an account executive for two Washington, D. C. radio stations, one owned by ABC and the other owned by United Broadcasting. She also worked as a Sales Assistant for a Metromedia Broadcasting TV station in D.C. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Ferrell became Senior Vice President for Government Relations for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and directed legislative strategies for the broadcast industry on a variety of issues.

In 1997, Dede Ferrell Lea was named Vice President of Government Affairs, Viacom Inc., the third largest entertainment and publishing companies in the world.

Mrs. Lea’s is responsible for the development and advocacy of public policy positions on legislative and regulatory matters, including those before Congress, the Administration and the Federal Communications Commission.

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