By Opio Lumumba Sokoni, MSCJ, JD
The Florida/Georgia Star



Part 1: Corrine is the latest victim of a racist system targeting black officials

Racism and possible sexism is built into the political system as it relates to who gets targeted for investigations and how those investigations are carried out. The FBI, CIA as well as the state political and criminal justice apparatuses are all documented as being a part of a system that has a strong appetite for black political flesh. Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown is one of the latest examples of this reality. She is not the only one in the state of Florida, however. Recently, Central Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala decided not to seek the death penalty in a high-profile case and the governor of the state decided to remove her. A sitting circuit judge actually signed off on the removal. All one has to do is look at who gets life and death sentences to understand Ayala’s position. Her bravery places her in a position to do bigger works in the state – including running for office. But, she may then have to deal with becoming a victim of a racist investigation. Full Story


Part 2: Corrine Brown is the latest victim of a racist system targeting black officials

The great Congressional Representative Shirley Chisholm, a Brooklyn Democrat who became the first woman to seek the Presidential nomination of a major party, was also the target of a racist Federal investigation. She, like Corrine Brown was outspoken. Chisholm stated, “They’re just fishing expeditions,” She added, “It’s because of who I am in America—unbought and unbossed.” This and other types of racism and sexism made her retire in the mid-1970s. Full Story


Part 3: Corrine Brown is the latest victim of a racist  system targeting black officials

In Corrine Brown’s case, elderly people are being harassed about what she is doing concerning China and other things. Their racism is thinly veiled. For instance, they asked one person if a black male was home. When they were told that he was not, they asked if he was in prison. The man was away in college. Full Story