Corrine Brown or Ronnie Simmons

By Dan Evans
The Florida Star Reporter

“We should have never been here today” a quote from Representative Brown.  Question, “Why did you trust Ronnie Simmons so much?”  Her answer, “I was his mentor.   He was the top and youngest congressional assistant in Washington. I thought he had made it.”  Did you ever think he was stealing?  “No, No, No.”   If you had found out he was stealing, what would you have done?  “Fired him and turned the matter over to the House Rules Ethics Committee.”   Did you commit any of those crimes charged against you?  “NO.”

The government asked, did you fire Ronnie Simmons?   No…   After the indictment, did you fire him? NO….

The defense rested…No rebuttal …  The Government rested…  The defense showed Ronnie Simmons as a liar, a thief and a cheater…  The government agreed.  In rebuttal, the government asked, “Who was Ronnie Simmons groomed by Congresswoman Brown?”   Defense attorney Smith stated, ”The easiest story to sell is the one you believe.”

Per the testimony of donor’s, events that Rep Brown asked them to donate to happened and that the Ronnie Simmons case and Carla Wiley case is about building a case against U.S. Congresswoman Brown and not the investigation of One Door for Education Amy Anderson Foundation. Ronnie Simmons and Carla Wiley both entered a plea agreement to testify against Rep Brown.

U.S. Representative Brown is charged with 22 counts; Count one, conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, (The conspiracy is all edged between Corrine Brown and Elias Simmons); count 2 through 18 are mail and wire fraud items.  (The scheme and execution) count 18, theft of government funds, (charged to Ronnie Simmons hiring his sister), count 19, scheme to conceal material facts, count 20 (scheme to conceal material facts) charged with Ronnie Simmons, count 21, (corrupt endeavor to obstruct and impede the due administration of the IRS), and count 21 – 23 (filing a false return).

The jury must decide if they must believe Ronnie Simmons, who admitted lying to the FBI about every aspect of the case and the presentation given by the government or the defense of a sitting U.  S. Congresswoman, totally trusting her chief of staff.

At the filing of this report the jury had deliberated until about 4:00, about 4 hours.