Congresswoman Corrine Brown Court updates

May 3, 2017

By Marsha Phelts
The Florida/Georgia Star Reporter

The Rat King

Congresswoman Corrine Brown representative of District 5 one of the nation’s largest congressional districts has known Elias Rutherford Simmons (Ronnie) since the 1980s.  Corrine Brown initially employed Ronnie Simmons in her Springfield Travel Agency around 1990.  As Brown’s career progressed, Ronnie Simmons became a trusted employee/staffer in the Florida House of Representative and later as Chief of Staff in the United States Congress.

It was only on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 that witnesses in the Bryan Simpson Courthouse hearing of Simmons’ testimony concluded that Ronnie Simmons, most desperate for money also showed himself as a pathological liar, one whose behavior is disordered.

Congresswoman Brown’s lawyer, James Smith of Orlando, dubbed “David” (the Sheppard that slew Goliath) accused Ronnie Simmons of lying on the witness stand to which Simmons readily acknowledged “YES” that he had in his testimony “LIED” before the court and the more than one hundred witnesses who heard his testimony on this day.
Under cross examination by Attorney James “David the Giant Killer” Smith, Ronnie Simmons’ nerves were frayed and a hush swept the already silent court room.  There’s lots more to come.
As Corrine Brown’s trial continues please stand by as her attorney James Smith aka “David the giant killer” exposes Elias “Ronnie” Simmons as a true Rat King.

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