Bishop Eddie Long Accused by 3

Some heard the news that three males filed a lawsuit
in DeKalb County, Georgia, claiming that their
pastor and mentor, Bishop Eddie Long, abused his
spiritual authority to seduce them with cars, money,
clothes, jewelry, international trips and access to
celebrities. Bishop Eddie Long is pastor of New Birth
Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, with
a membership of around 25,000. Long was appointed
pastor of the church in 1987. At that time, the church
had about 150 members.

The Rev. Bernice King, youngest daughter of Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr., is a clergy at the church. Her
mother’s homegoing service was held there where
Bishop Long was able to host many prominent

The three men, who have all given their names, and one provided the picture above
as evidence of some of the bishop’s behavior. Bishop Long is standing in front of a
mirror taking his own picture. According to the report, the picture was sent to the
young man to encourage a sexual engagement. Other say it was sent to show the
man that with proper exercise, he could get that look.

Even though the suits have been filed, all of the men were above Georgia’s legal
age of 15, for consensual sex, therefore, no criminal charges can be filed.
Bishop Long said he will talk to his congregation on Sunday as his first public
appearance regarding the matter. He is known for his dislike of homosexual behavior
and strong opposition to same sex marriage.

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