Big Mayoral Candidates Debate Coming Up

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Mayoral candidates Alvin Brown and Mike Hogan who came out as the top two candidates of the large numberwho ran for the position of mayor of Jacksonville last month.

Alvin Brown is a Democrat and is currently Executive in Residence at Jacksonville University’s School of Business. He has worked as a senior advisor for President Clinton and Vice President Gore. He has an MBA from Jacksonville University. His goal is to create jobs, grow the economy, improve the schools and have an efficient and effective government for the city.

Mike Hogan, a Republican retired from BellSouth and has served two terms as Tax Collector, two terms as a city councilman and two terms as a state representative.

Hogan received a BA degree from the University of South Florida and wishes to restore fiscal order, rebuild citizens; trust and create economic growth and jobs in Jacksonville.

They will debate on April 15 at the First Coast Tiger Bay Club, 904-396-6454 and on Channel 4 from 8 to 9 p.m. on April 25. Early voting begins May 2 and May 17 is election day.

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  1. Both Mr. Brown and Mr. Hogan reversed positions during the last debate, why? Mr. Hogan indicated that he let go the notion that the city has a responsibility to continue financial support for downtown which becomes a subsidy to large real estate interests. He said that the downtown revitalization will happen when the real estate and land

    development professionals recognize the area as a great investment opportunity. The first republican who has backed off from this republican cornerstone.

    Brown thinks financial efforts for downtown should continue but does not say why nor give any specific reason not to expect failure again. The more I hear from him in debates, the more he comes off as a "lightweight". He has not proven himself with his MBA in the business world and has held relatively low level jobs. Being a nice guy is just not enough especially in dealing with the new republican rat pack owned and bought for by "tea party interests" who are also Jeb Bush/Rick Scott supporters.

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