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Mr. Abraham Joseph Jr. Entrepreneur – Part 2

A painting mural outside Mr. Joseph’s office in Kingland, Georgia.

From Humble beginnings, A lifetime dream fulfilled…..

Kingsland, GA -The city of Kingsland welcomes Mr. Abraham Joseph, CEO, Senior Consultant, and owner of The Joseph Group, in the new Joseph Building located in downtown Kingsland, Georgia. As part of the new Frontier, Mr. Abraham Joseph recently made the name “Hometown Hero,” a dream come true. Affectionately known as “Abe” was born and raised in Kingsland, Georgia. His family’s history is an extensive part of Camden County and Kingsland dating back to slavery. His Great Grandfather was born a slave in Walterboro, South Carolina. He was sold to slave owners in Kingsland, the King Family, the city of Kingsland was named after the family. Mr. Joseph’s Great Grandfather’s slave name was unknown. A man of courage and determination, Jacob worked and earned the right to buy his freedom. After becoming a freedman, being a man of God, he chose a name from the Bible, the chosen name was Jacob Joseph. Thus, the beginning of the Joseph family.

In addition to buying his freedom, Jacob Joseph also purchased and owned over 100 acres of land in Kingsland. The patriarch of the family met and married his wife Eizabella to their union 14 children (7 girls and 7 boys) were born. Jacob Joseph an entrepreneur and farmer operated a Vat business called “dipping well.” Farmers around this area and North Florida brought their cattle and other livestock to Mr. Jacob for sanitizing. He would bring his crop to a marketplace on Hwy 17 in downtown Kingsland. Years later the marketplace became a bank, after years of being empty, Mr. Abraham Joseph bought the Bank, today known as the Joseph Building. Unknown to Mr. Abraham the actual location of the bank was where his Great Grand Father used to trade. For Mr. Abraham, it is a privilege and an honor to have bought a piece of history that depicts the life of his family. The Family’s rich history was also traced by a DNA test administered to family members; found they were part of the Yoruba tribe in West Africa.

The family was well-liked, educated, and business-oriented. In the 1900s other Family members became entrepreneurs as well. Mr. Abraham’s mother, Maude Roberts Joseph, a Tuskegee graduate had a gift of loving and working with children, special education was her passion. His dad, Abraham (Ham) Sr. was a decorated WWII Veteran. His trained professions were carpenter, electrician, and plumbing. The family has streets named in honor of their loved ones, Joseph Way, Clarks Bluff Road, and Katie Lane (after his grandmother). Today, family members own homes and reside in these locations.

As late as 2011, there were murals around the city of Kingsland that depicted members of the Jacob family. Today, the family is still completing their contribution to history and society as a whole.

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