ALLIE IN ACTION – Tips to Survive your first Day of School

allie_in_actionBY ALEJANDRA STACK
For The Florida/Georgia Star

Back to school means homework, pop quizzes, and books but it can also mean a new school (for some), new teachers, and new friends. I sometimes wish I didn’t have to go to school but if you don’t leave Summer you can’t come back and I wouldn’t know half the things I do now.If you want to be ready for school you should get 8 to 11 hours of sleep each night. You should always study, you never know when you’re going to have a pop quiz. You should always get a good breakfast. Doing homework seems hard? Just sit at a desk/table if you don’t have one in your room just ask your family to lower their voices and focus on the work. Good Luck!!
1. Dress to impress. Go to a thrift shop they have amazing things you may like without using all your allowance money.

2. Find good friends. Remember birds of a feather flock together so don’t hang out with the troublemakers. Be positive around positive people. You can meet them in class, your clubs or even at lunch.

3. New school? Join clubs to get to know your fellow pupils.

4. You’re the new kid? If you are, kids might pick on you. Just tell your teacher or a trusted adult. #antibully Bullying is never cool. I’ll talk about that in another week.

5. If you have trouble finding friends, just say hi or crack a joke.

6. Don’t know what club to join? Just ask your teacher to suggest some. Think about things you like and join something that interests you. Only join what you can handle. You are going to have to commit to things and you can’t spread yourself too thin.

7. Have a uniform but want to stand out? Find nice accessories – bracelets, necklaces, hair colors, etc. Just make sure it’s not against your school rules.

8. Study. Make sure your not behind because you can get kicked off of teams and out of clubs if you fail. I’ll share my favorite study sites later.

9. When you get home put your phone tablet or laptop away and charge it. Don’t use it unless you need it for homework and turn it off at a certain time. We’ll talk about social media practices later.

10. If you get a locker do not put stickers on them. You don’t want to stay trying to peel them off. If you want to decorate your locker just use magnets.

10 year-old Alejandra Stack is an award-winning junior journalist and host of ‘All Access with Allie In Action’. She’s a National Jr. Beta Club member and ExCEL Youth Ambassador who competes in gymnastics. A self-professed ‘backstage baby’, Allie first entered a newsroom as an infant, the daughter of Bahamian media personality/publicist and Star staffer, Arthia Nixon. Though based in Atlanta, Georgia, Allie’s career has taken her across the US and Caribbean. Find her online at or on social media as Allie In Action