DSC_1083By: Alejandra Stack
For The Florida/Georgia Star

By: Alejandra Stack
If you ever go to Nassau, Bahamas and you’re staying at Atlantis Hotel and Resort on Paradise Island, ask your parents if you can go to AKA which stands for Atlantis Kids Adventures. They have a different theme every day.

It is not free of charge it can cost $50 or so per session. They have levels based on age and height. I went to the culinary adventures and the Carton Network Lagoon.

In the culinary adventures we made our own pizza cookies and kool-aid freeze pops. The pizzas were made of a vanilla cookie with melted white chocolate and white chocolate shavings and toppings of candy and it was delicious. The kool-aid pops are made of kool-aid (well duh) and then we froze them. We also got to play cartoon network games on tablets and computers. Then we played on the Wii, Play Station, and the X Box.

After that we went to the Cartoon Network lagoon which is a Cartoon Network themed obstacle course that’s on water were you have to slip, slide, climb, swing and more to  nish (life vest and life guards included)! There is a height requirement. I made it through about four times even though it was slippery. We stayed for about 30-50 minutes. Then we ate our creations and watched Teen Titans Go.

We also meet Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. They have AKA open until midnight on Fridays. They have dance parties, pirates in paradise, candy carnivals, and the sleepless slumber party. Kids 3 to 5 can have fun too they can become wizards,
pirates, and detectives and go to the Hasbro explore center and NERF water gun center. The culinary programs are for ages 6-12. Proof of age will be required as well as guardian ID.
Have fun!

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