Age is Nothing But a Number for Local Centenarians

centenariansBy Arthia Nixon
Florida/Georgia Star

When Ponce de Leon set off of an expedition to find the fabled Fountain of Youth, many thought him to be a fool.

After all, where on earth could people live active lives well into their seventies, eighties, nineties and beyond one hundred? Had de Leon ventured to the north of where he travelled in the Caribbean and Florida, he just may have found the answer as many Georgians are proving you can live to be one hundred years young.

Just recently, a centenarian passed away in Brunswick. Though she will be missed by those who had the opportunity to know and love her, Carrie Berrian was 119 years old when she ascended to eternity in January 2015. Miss Carrie was born in April 1895, sharing her birth year with Babe Ruth and Hattie McDonald, the first Black woman to win an Oscar for her portrayal of Mamie in ‘Gone With The Wind’.

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