A Universe of entertainers collide in 2017!

Story and Pictures by Angela Favors-Morrell

If you cannot bring Muhammad to the Mountain, Bring the Mountain to Muhammad. The Secret is out, this is the Second Year that the UniverSoul Circus has assembled under the Big Top at the Exchange Club in Brunswick, Georgia for their private practice. Lions, Tigers, Bears, Elephants, Zebras, Horses, Clowns, Motor Cycle Acrobats, from all over the Universe. Red, Yellow, Black and White all precious in his sight along with 70 acrobats, daredevils and entertainers with Atlanta-based UniverSoul Circus.

Although they are here to practice, it has always been my dream to have the Circus tour in Brunswick, said Angela Favors-Morrell. A simple introduction, Mayor Harvey meets Cedric Walker, Founder and Owner of the UniverSoul Circus and my dream is now a Reality. 2018 we can look forward to one local show performance.

A profound spiritual journey as the UniverSoul Circus brings the best Performers from across the Universe under One Big Top. January 26 thru February 5, 2017 was certainly an Exciting Week for the City of Brunswick, Georgia residents who traveled to Jacksonville, Florida for the UniverSoul Circus. For many, it was a first time Experience of this phenomenal production. Bethel Baptist and Shiloh Baptist Church of Brunswick, Georgia did not hesitate to take advantage of the group discount tickets. Deborah Staten Blair along with Shelia Henley on three way conference call were the first group to purchase tickets for 50 Shiloh church members who attended on “Brunswick’s Day. The UniverSoul experience is an annual outing for Gwen Mullen and Bethel Baptist Church Dixville-Brunswick.

10,000+ SHOWS PERFORMED, OVER 20 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE SEEN US, 23 YEARS OF FUN; UniverSoul Circus brings the Best acts from across the Planet under one BIG TOP and Brunswick, Georgia was under the Big Top UniverSoul circus is a sensational, exciting, eloquent, magical, Soul Stirring, Hand Clapping, Foot Stomping Soulful experience. Cedric Walker›s circus combines 75 performers and 12 different acts from all over the world, providing a unique display of the arts and cultures of civilizations around the globe. The Global Cast of Past and Present are from South Africa, Brazil, Chili, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Cuba, England, Spain, France, Italy, Ethiopia, Kenya, China, Guinea, Mongolia, Venezuela and the Netherlands. The show involves traditional acrobats, clowns and animal acts, “old-school» and «new-school» as well as classic R&B to hip-hop, contemporary gospel and some good ole churching.

Mayor Cornell Harvey presented the Key to the City of Brunswick, Georgia to the UniverSoul Circus Ring Master sidekick Zanda (Zeke) who along with Ring Master Daniel “Lucky” Malatsi ushered us into the most memorable circus experience during the week of January 26 thru February 5, 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida. Zeke calls UniverSoul (the most interactive circus,) and he says it is part of his job to draw the audience in and make fans a part of the show. The audience does not just sit there, he says. We do a ‘Soul Train’ line, with five ladies and five men getting their dance on. It’s a non-stop, high-energy show.

For more than 6 years, Clara McLaughlin-Leath, owner of The Florida and Georgia Star gave Free UnverSoul Circus tickets to Brunswick and surrounding communities. This year, UniverSoul ticketing supervisor Miranda Smith and Chasity Edwards made it possible for Angela Favors-Morrell to receive free tickets that were donated and distributed to Civic and nonprofit community based organizations in Brunswick. Brunswick’s Police community services officer Evelyn Timmons coordinated the distribution of tickets to Brunswick’s Job Corps, Coach Cedric King and Basketball team, Greater Works Ministries and others. ILA 1423 Longshoreman Greg Grant donated monies and provided meals to many that attend.

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