89th and 90th Birthday Celebration

Arnetta Lundy Jackson was born on February 19, 1921 in Jacksonville, Florida and is the proud mother of six children, with grandchildren, great grand and one great great grand child. On Saturday, she was honored for her 90th year with us, still in good health and great spirits. Her daughter, owner of The Florida and Georgia Star, along with her grand daughter, a Houston, Texas nurse, decided to honor her for all that she has done for her family and the Gainesville, Florida community, where she still lives.

Along with honoring her mother, Clara also honoredher Godmother, Louise Hill McGregor, born in Gainesville on January 1, 1922 and now lives in Arlington, Virginia.

With about 115 people in attendance from their churches, Lincoln High where Ms. McGregor taught Home Economics and where Ms. Jackson served for ten years as home room mother as well as N.E. Daycare Center, where Ms. Jackson served as its first director, family members from Virginia to South Florida, and a greeting for each from Congresswoman Corrine Brown, the ladies were in awe for their 89th and 90th celebration.

Ms. Jackson’s grandson handled the music but not one can forget the songs sang by Tyler Perry’s performer, Danny Clay and Gainesville’s most talented Mildred Dewberry Oliver. This was one of the most joyeous occasions, said many. Congratulations ladies and thank you for being here for us.

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