74 Year Old Kills Man at Jacksonville Beach

Robert Moore, 38, of Jacksonville Beach, was shot and killed on Tuesday by Vannie Collier, 74, also of Jacksonville Beach.

According to sources in the Hill neighborhood, Vannie Collier fired several shots during a confrontation with his next-door neighbor, Robert Moore. More was on his bike when Collier shot him, according to a neighbor. In fact, Collier’s son took the gun from his dad as he continued to shoot Moore, who was lying on the ground.

Even though it was reported that Moore had an extensive criminal record, neighbors say that he had made a complete change with his life and do not know why Collier shot him. They also told Linda Dayson that Collier has been pulling out his gun for years. At one time, they say that the police was called and they emptied all of the bullets from the gun and returned it to Collier, said a neighbor to Dayson. Collier did not have a criminal history.

Even though neighbors are shocked about the killing, they said they knew both men. Collier is a landscaper and Moore was a mechanic. Both were well liked. Some neighbors are concerned about the immediate attempt to remove and transfer properties that belong to Collier. They feel this is an effort to hide assets that a court may wish to award to Moore’s family because of his death.

Vannie Collier was taken into custody after the shooting and Moore was taken to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Many of the neighbors are just wondering, “Why?”

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