Agile Ancient Eagle Ruled The Roost 25 Million Years Ago

By Martin M Barillas Paleontologists in South Australia found 63 fossilized bones of an eagle that lived in the forests 25 million years ago and preyed on koalas. The discovery of what has been dubbed Archaehierax sylvestris (“ancient hawk of the forest”) was made on the shores of a dry lake about 250 miles north of Adelaide. “This species was […]

Gas Price Behavior Anything But Normal

By Daniel James Graeber U.S. retail gasoline prices look set to continue to buck seasonal trends, with the cost of butane — a key component of the normally cheaper winter blend of petrol — having steadily risen amid a broader surge in energy prices, analysts told Zenger. Travel club AAA reported a national average retail price of $3.19 for a […]

Forensic Doctor In Mexico Revitalizes Corpses Abandoned In Mass Graves And Deserts 

By Julio GuzmánFinding criminals is often a difficult task for local governments in Mexico — especially the killing of women. “Perpetrators may kill a woman and bury her, intending to delay the authority’s access to the crime scene, preventing the authorities from taking action,” Rodrigo Caballero, a public prosecutor in Ciudad Juárez, told Zenger. Femicides — the violent killing of […]

Biden’s Agenda Hangs In Balance As Senate Flirts With Economic Catastrophe

By Carlin Becker A series of pitched congressional battles linked to President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s key economic plans are expected to come to a head Thursday, with funding for the federal government set to expire as Democrats and Republicans in the Senate feud over the debt ceiling. The White House and Democratic leaders in Congress remain at odds with […]

Immersive Virtual Reality May Hamper Coordination In Young Children

By Martin M Barillas Children’s nervous systems mature over two years later than previously believed, according to a new study that found children are at risk of being overwhelmed within virtual reality (VR) environments. Researchers are challenging assumptions about the development of children’s upper-body coordination while studying the effect of VR headsets on children. Little is known about the effects […]

VIDEO: Feline Hungry? Crafty Kitty Cons Shoppers Into Buying Cat Food In Grocery Store

By Feza Uzay A kitty in Turkey uses his patience as a meal ticket. Video on Instagram shows the cat sitting in front of a supermarket shelf filled with cat food before a kindhearted shopper stops to buy some food for the hungry feline, apparently a stray. The scene was filmed by Ozan Goksu, who was shopping at a Rossmann […]

From Tormentor To Mentor: Larry Simmons’ Journey From A Life Of Chaos To One Of Service   

By Lem Satterfield Once a man who brought chaos to his own household, Larry Simmons now channels his energies to peace and restoration in his community. A father of five with seven grandchildren who is married for 17 years to his third wife, Edna, Simmons said his “two former wives were the recipients of a lot of abuse kept in […]

En-Tea-Preneur: How One Business Consultant Became A Tea Tycoon

By Kevin Michael Briscoe For more than a decade, Stephanie Synclair ran a successful consulting firm, helping potential African-American women entrepreneurs develop marketing strategies to achieve their dream of business ownership. Using what she says is a neuroscientific approach that involves changing her clients’ “programming” about money, she transformed her House of Icons into a nearly $3 million company since […]

Danza prehispánica en el Zócalo de la Ciudad de México: un ritual de llamado a la naturaleza

By Shantal Romero CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, México — Con penachos de plumas y ayoyotes en los tobillos, los concheros del Zócalo de la Ciudad de México danzan durante varias horas para hacer representaciones de la naturaleza. José Luis Hernández, conocido como “Itztli”, es el representante del grupo de danza guerrera mexica-chichimeca llamada Mazacoatl. Lleva 40 años danzando en las calles del […]

The Country Where Nearly No Trees Are Endangered 

By Naama Barak While a report assessing the state of trees worldwide has found that 30 percent of tree species are threatened with extinction, in Israel only two out of 60 or so tree species are threatened — a meager 3 percent. The State of the World’s Trees report, published as part of the Global Tree Assessment by Botanic Gardens […]