Opposition Leaders In Brazil Fear Disagreements Weaken Their Message 

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil — Members of the Free Brazil Movement (MBL), Vem pra Rua and other groups opposing President Jair Bolsonaro protested against the government on Sept. 12 in various Brazilian capitals. But the protests had a low turnout, compared to the Sept. 7 demonstrations supporting the president. In many cities, the call for protests included the slogan “Neither Lula nor Bolsonaro.” The motto discouraged people […]

Organ Grinders: A Mexican Tradition On The Verge Of Disappearing

MEXICO CITY — An air of nostalgia floats through Mexico City when a street organ starts playing. Despite coming from a different era, these instruments are still part of the cityscape. Street organs arrived in Mexico in the 1880s. An immigrant family from Berlin brought different instruments made in Germany, street organs among them. They gained popularity among Mexicans in […]

Democrat In-Fighting Threatens To Derail Reconciliation And Infrastructure Bills

A stalemate among congressional Democrats is jeopardizing their chances of passing a $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill — and could throw a wrench in House plans to take up the Senate-passed $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan if left unresolved. With committees on a leadership-imposed deadline to complete their portions of the reconciliation bill this week and the House set to vote […]

Welcome To A World Where Buildings Can Create Their Own Energy

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio sent out a desperate tweet on June 30 as a heat wave blanketed the area. “We need New Yorkers to take IMMEDIATE action: reduce your use of electricity in your home or your business for the rest of the day. We need to avoid energy disruptions during this heat emergency,” the mayor tweeted. […]

Israeli Housing Prices Show Largest Increase In The World

Israeli housing prices increased 345.7 percent over the last decade, according to research from Money.co.uk. That’s the largest increase of any country in the world. Prices per square meter in Israel rose from $2,145 in 2010 to $9,560 in 2020. That’s not just keeping up with inflation, which rose by only 0.92 percent during the same period. And it definitely […]

Hom No Erectus: Ancient Humans Rarely Mated With Cousins, Says DNA Study

Marrying your cousin was not exactly the thing to do when cavemen roamed the earth. Putting that kissing tale to rest about our ancient ancestors’ sex lives is the result of a study in which scientists screened 1,785 ancient human genomes seeking to determine parental relatedness. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and the University of Chicago […]

Combate Global y Univision han creado una asociación ganadora

Una asociación única entre una empresa de artes marciales mixtas y Univision, una cadena líder de televisión en español, ya es un éxito apabullante en los índices de audiencia de Nielsen. Combate Global, una propiedad franquicia de MMA que presenta principalmente a jóvenes luchadores hispanos, se alineó con Univision en julio, con la adquisición de lo que se ha descrito […]

Nivel alto de azúcar en la sangre se relaciona con riesgo de COVID-19 grave

Los niveles altos de azúcar en la sangre previos a la infección se han relacionado con un mayor riesgo de casos graves de COVID-19, incluso en personas no diabéticas, según un nuevo estudio. La investigación conjunta de la Facultad de Tecnología de Jerusalén, la Universidad Hebrea de Jerusalén, el fondo de salud Meuhedet y el Centro Médico Hadassah muestra que […]

Activista veterana por derechos de discapacitados reflexiona sobre los cambios logrados con tanto esfuerzo

Judith Heumann, líder internacional en el movimiento por los derechos de las personas con discapacidades, permanece a la vanguardia después de casi 50 años. Heuman estuvo en el documental nominado al Oscar en 2020 “Campamento extraordinario”, sobre el Campamento Jened para niños discapacitados en el norte del estado de Nueva York. El campamento fue un semillero clave a principios de […]

Easy-Peasy Cancer Treatment: Legume Virus Could Protect Lungs, Research Shows

A virus that infects black-eyed pea plants might one day be used to treat deadly metastatic cancer in the lungs if promising research proves conclusive. A paper published Sept. 14 in the journal Advanced Science indicates that when researchers injected the cowpea mosaic virus, which is harmless to humans and animals, the body registered it as an invader. This triggered […]