New Study Finds Educational Technology Can Have A Democratizing Effect In Higher Education

A laptop screen is increasingly taking the place of the university lecture hall — fueling a $200 billion EdTech industry and touching off a debate that pits union leaders and professors against software entrepreneurs and budget-conscious lawmakers. EdTech, or educational technology platforms, teach lessons at a much lower cost than in-person instruction, amounting to a roughly 80 percent decline in […]

VIDEO: Plucky Guy: Sick Sailor Winched To Safety By Rescue Helicopter

Video shows the rescue of an ill crew member hauled to safety by a helicopter in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean about 240 miles off the Galician coast of western Spain on April 23. The Netherlands crew member on board the Lange Wapper was found and rescued by two helicopters, a Sasemar 101 and a Helimer 402, dispatched by […]

VIDEO: Run Out: Pamplona Bull Run Scrapped Over COVID Fears 

The world-famous Pamplona bull run has been canceled for a second year due to fears of a COVID-19 outbreak. The celebration known as Sanfermin was scheduled to take place from July 6-14 in the northern Spanish city in the province of Navarra. But Mayor Enrique Maya announced on April 26 that the festival was canceled. Navarra is among the worst […]

VIDEO: Chickening Out: Penguin Chicks Need Swimming Lessons From Keeper

Two African penguin chicks at the Dallas Zoo experienced their first swim in front of visitors. Video shows the penguin pair being led to the pool by a zookeeper. Hesitant about what they are supposed to do, the chicks stare at the water. One of the penguins is picked up and placed in the water by a zookeeper. The other […]

VIDEO: Ready For My Shell-fie: Rescued Sea Turtle Loves Performing For The Camera 

A sea turtle recovering at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut, is back to swimming comfortably around its tank. Video shows the turtle calmly swimming and munching on floating bits of food. It is one of several rescued turtles that live in the marine park, where they have spent almost three months under the care of a special team from […]

VIDEO: Leap Of Faith: Boy Jumps From Burning House Into Cops’s Arms 

A police officer’s body-cam captures the moment a brave boy jumps out the window of a burning house in Charleston, Illinois, on April 21. The video shows the officers arriving at the house, where fire burns on the first and second floors. Three officers — James Milton, Seth Brewer and Jacob Huss — stand under the window and catch the […]

Inspired By Aztec Culture, Gigi Saul Guerrero Brings A Latino Twist To Horror Movies

Gigi Saul Guerrero is making a name for herself in horror films as a director and writer breaking new ground. Born in Mexico City, Saul Guerrero immigrated to Canada, where she earned a B.A. in motion picture production at Capilano University. After college, she co-founded the independent production company Luchagore. She has directed and co-written several shorts, including “El Gigante” and the Crypt TV shorts “A Luchagore […]

Emiratis, Israelis Launch Deal At Start-Up Nation Central

The technology and innovation oriented Israeli nonprofit Start-Up Nation Central will launch a joint innovation task force with the United Arab Emirates aimed at sharing ideas and generating economic value for both countries. The launch was announced during a meeting between the UAE’s first ambassador to Israel, Mohamed al-Khaja, and Start-Up Nation Central CEO Eugene Kandel at the organization’s headquarters in […]

Plants: The Natural Interior Decoration

Plants are known to help increase the air quality within a house or office, while also giving such spaces a modern and natural touch. “Back home, I have a garden with many trees and plants,” said Linda Mendiola Parra, a housewife living in Boca del Rio, Veracruz. “I have mango, lemon, almond, orange and nance trees.” Houseplants are more than […]

The Magical Village Of Xico Has Something For Every Tourist

The Pueblo Mágico [Magical Town] of Xico, Veracruz, is the perfect destination for those who wish to practice ecotourism or have a relaxing weekend drinking hot, local coffee. “It was one of the Pueblos Mágicos that my wife and I choose to visit on weekends,” said Raul Montalvo Flores, a law graduate from Universidad Villa Rica. “We live in the […]