Fall Of The Wild: The Urbanization That Has Silenced Karachi’s Birdsong

KARACHI, Pakistan – Waking up to the pleasant sound of a koel and thousands of birds chirping in the gardens and trees that surround the neighborhoods has become a fading memory for residents of Karachi. A couple of decades ago, hundreds of sparrows would appear with the first ray of the sun and hop on the branches to collect food. […]

Rare Chinese Bird Makes An Appearance In Coastal India

NEW DELHI — Vivek Nayak, a bird-watcher in Mangalore, a coastal city in southern India, was surprised when he saw a critically-endangered bird — the yellow-breasted bunting (Emberiza aureola) — at a rice field in Jokatte in early Dec. 2020. The bird that looks like a sparrow with a stout beak and yellow breast is popularly known as a “rice bird” […]

Kolkata’s Chinese Community All Set To Welcome The Year Of The Ox

KOLKATA, India – A few years ago, Thomas Chen introduced his son to a very important ritual in his community during Chinese New Year festivities. “It was a moment of great pride for me to teach my three-year-old how we offer prayers to our ancestors,” said Chen, an Indian of Chinese origin who lives in Kolkata’s Bowbazar. “It’s important to […]

Job Losses, Diversification Are Biggest Industry Concerns Over Keystone XL Cancellation

Pulling the permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline is not only a job killer for both the Canadian and United States economies, but it also highlights the need to diversify the Canadian energy sector, officials said. In one of his first acts since taking office, President Joseph R. Biden Jr. rescinded in January a permit for the cross-border Keystone […]

Struggle For Black Head Coaching Opportunities Continues In NFL

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Lost somewhere behind the battle between the two quarterbacks, there will be another that may do more to define the outcome of Super Bowl LIV: Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Todd Bowles is charged with the task of trying to slow down the Kansas City Chiefs offense coordinated by Eric Bienemy. It may be the least discussed matchup in the battle […]

Cuidado con las estafas que se propagan con la pandemia

Autoridades y expertos advierten sobre una nueva modalidad de fraudes que se ha ido propagando como el mismo virus en estos tiempos de pandemia. El cheque de estímulo por 600 dólares ha desatado un número sin precedentes de estafas. Hasta mediados de enero, la Comisión Federal de Comercio había recibido más de 320,000 informes de fraude relacionados con coronavirus. Y […]

From Snacks To Elaborate Creations: Traditional Dishes From Colima

Mexican gastronomy offers an immense variety of dishes as people in each of the country’s 32 states strive to create a unique cuisine. The city of Colima, the homologous state’s capital, is among the most populated in Mexico. Roughly 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean and close to a mountain range, Colima has a unique environment that provides a wide […]

Mining For Dollars: Foreign Companies Extract Latin American Minerals, But Not Without Controversy

Since colonial times, Latin America has attracted foreign investors searching for minerals, a process that involves large sums of money and a significant burden for the local communities. Mineral exploitation in Latin America and the Caribbean has been an essential income source for the subcontinent since the 16th century. Now, the region is the leading exporter of gold, silver, lead […]

Health Policies In Mexico City’s Subway System

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of millions of people living in Mexico City. The subway became one of Mexico City’s hotspots in terms of health and safety due to the influx of passengers that use it every day. The Secretariat of Mobility announced that several health policies would be implemented to reduce the coronavirus’s spread. It is now […]

Ethiopian-Born D.C. Businessman, Yimaj “Steve” Kalifa, Helps Howard University Fight The Pandemic

As an immigrant from Ethiopia, Washington, D.C., businessman Yimaj “Steve” Kalifa is living the American Dream, having built a personal wealth estimated at $100 million. Now at a time when COVID-19 has struck nearly 38,000 residents of the District and killed more than 900, Kalifa is paying back to the community that helped him build his fortune. At the urging […]