Israeli University’s Islamic History Course is Global Hit

An online course about Islam taught at Tel Aviv University was recently ranked as one of the 50 best online courses in the world and has drawn a varied global audience, including numerous students from Middle Eastern and Islamic countries – some of which don’t have diplomatic relations with Israel. The course is called “Arab-Islamic History: From Tribes to Empires” […]

Israeli VC invests in UAE-based micro-mobility startup

Many investments in Israeli tech companies are in the works as a result of the Abraham Accords normalizing relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Some investments are also going in the opposite direction. The first one, announced November 18, is a $3.8m seed round investment in UAE-based micro-mobility startup Fenix, led by Tel Aviv-based Maniv Mobility. This marks not […]

The Five ‘Secret’ Gardens of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is graced with magnificent public gardens, most notably the 30-acre Jerusalem Botanical Gardens and the Wohl Rose Garden. Israel’s capital city also has what we’d call “hidden” gardens – beautifully manicured spaces that are not well known and can take a little sleuthing to locate. It’s well worth getting off the beaten track to experience these gems. For now, […]

Pakistan Fishermen Cry Foul Over Chinese Deep-Sea Trawlers

Karachi — Fishermen in Pakistan are up in arms over claims that the government has allowed Chinese trawlers for large-scale deep-sea fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zones in Pakistan’s territorial waters. “Expansion of fishing into the deep sea is a serious threat to the livelihood of small fishermen and marine ecology,” said Muhammad Ali Shah, chairman of the Pakistan FisherFolk […]

Legendary Singer Donell Jones Converts Setbacks into Positive New Way of Life

R&B legend Donell Jones wants his fans to know he’s no longer in the clutches of debt, addiction, a smoking habit and other vices that affected him throughout his career. His new album “100% free!” is exactly that: 100% free. Jones will release it to his fans in a matter of days. Jones cemented his musical legacy long ago with […]

Going to Israel in the Middle of a Pandemic: Volunteering, Shopping and Lockdowns

“Are you crazy?” is what probably went through most people’s minds after telling them I’d be going to Israel on a gap year — in the middle of a pandemic. I’m sure it seemed outlandish. Even one of my family members who is a physician in Israel advised me against coming, as he knew the cases of Covid-19 in Israel […]

Hiss-Terical: Couple Thought Deadly Cobra’s Hiss was Howling Wind

DURBAN, South Africa – A South African couple awakened in the middle of the night by what they thought was the howling wind was stunned to find a highly venomous spitting cobra slithering among their bathroom toiletries. The incident took place at a home in the city of Durban on the country’s eastern coast on Nov. 14. The footage shows […]

California Firefighters Battle Spreading House Fire At Vacant Home

FRESNO, California—Firefighters in California minimized the damage caused by a huge blaze at an abandoned property occasionally used by homeless people. The Fresno Fire Department responded to a report of a structure fire in the city on Nov. 14. Upon arrival, the squad found a vacant house engulfed in flames, which were spreading to neighboring homes. Footage captured by the […]

Latest Bushfire Burning on Australia’s Famed Fraser Island

FRASER ISLAND, Australia— A massive bushfire quickly spread throughout scenic Frasier Island, off Australia’s eastern coast, on Nov. 17. The island, a World Heritage site, is the biggest sand island in the world, roughly 76 miles in length. Bushfires are a natural part of the Australian landscape, as many native plants are fire-prone. Multiple firefighting aircraft have been operating in […]

Florida Police Dog Captures Suspected Carjacker Fleeing Authorities

PASCO COUNTY, Florida— Recently released footage shows a police dog chasing down a suspected carjacker and tackling the man to the ground. The incident took place in Pasco County, Florida, on Nov. 13 and was captured by an officer’s body camera. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office shared the video on social media three days later. Deputies were responding to a report […]