A special time in a young boy’s life Xavier’s baptism

Xavier Fefie is eight years of age and enjoys being a high achiever. He says he has always enjoyed church service and especially appreciates the communion ceremonies. This past summer, he told his grandmother that he is a true believer in the father, the son and the holy ghost and feels it is time that he profess his feelings and become a member of the church.

Last month, Xavier expressed the same feelings to his mother, and on that Sunday, they both joined Brook Hollow Baptist Church – The Church Without Walls, in Houston. His mother knows his sincerity so when he made a decision to join, she went with him.

On Sunday, Xavier was baptized and after the service, many family and friends joined him and his mother for a wonder brunch. His philosophy is that whenever there is a special day, all join hands in harmony. Why should joining the church and getting baptized be different. It is a celebration of belief and happiness. Those in attendance thanked Xavier for pointing out that joining the church and getting baptized is a time for true celebration.

Thank you Xavier.

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