Every African American child, especially girls, have been told that you have to work hard to get a good education in order to make it in this world. Then later in life that same African American woman was told you’ve got to work twice as hard to prove that you deserve to have a place in this world. It’s still true today and this 2016 Presidential election is a revelation that these teachings are not only true in our community but also true for all women. Hillary Rodham Clinton has spent her entire life as a public servant. Her resume is unmatchable to any other person running for President of the Unite States.

Undergraduate degree from Wellesley College, Law degree from Yale, First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States of America, State Senator of New York and Secretary of State for the United States of America. Now add her work with education and the health of migrant farm workers and their children, working with the children defense fund, teaching law, running the legal aid clinic and prison projects in Arkansas, chaired the President’s Task Force on National Health Care Reform, created the successful Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), The first women senator representing the state of New York. The list goes on and on….

This resume alone is enough to readily say YOU’RE Hired.

Let’s look beyond her credentials, let’s look at character. As children we were told, your word is your bond, mean what you say, be honest, never forget where you come from. Hillary’s character has stood the test of hatred, persecution, name-calling, sabotage and out- right threats. We understand these things, as women, were to destroy her and make her weak but we also know, as women, they will make her stronger. Hillary Clinton has always fought for children and the families, she champions causes to help make life better for those with struggles. Her words speak life not divisiveness, she has a steady hand and doesn’t seek revenge when offended.

When it comes to character – we stand with HER

We support Hillary because she has the courage to do this job. She is prepared, tested and ready to fight for all of us. We stand with her because she has the courage to do whatever needs to be done to be successful. We will serve with her because she has the courage and fortitude to keep America great.

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