Gerald Flowers 80th Birthday Celebration

080815_Gerald Flowers Sr.

On Thursday afternoon, July 30, 2015, Gerald Flowers, a native Eastsider, celebrated his 80th birthday with family and close friends. The event was held at the River City Brewery, located on Jacksonville’s Southbank.

A 1954 alumnus of Matthew W. Gilbert Jr.-Sr. High School, Gerald serves as the Financial Secretary of its Grand Alumni Reunion Committee. He volunteers in several other community activities, one being the St. John’s Cathedral Prison Outreach Ministry.

Mr. Flowers’ siblings, also Gilbert Alumni, were present at his celebration. They are: Robert, ’55; Shirley Flowers Baker, ’55; Myrtle Flowers Johnson, ’58; and Iris Flowers Larkins, ’59.

At the birthday celebration, multiple birthdays were celebrated in the Flowers’ extended family.

In addition to the honoree, there were 6 other July celebrants: Wanda Gates, Jamal Gallow, Myrtle Gallow, Shirley Baker, Edith Witherspoon, and Lace Baker.

In addition to local attendees, family and guests came from across the country (Miami, FL, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, and Washington, DC.) to the honorees’ birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday Gerald, and may you have many, many more!

 Aunt Ella Celebrates 103rd Birthday


Aunt Ella Celebrates 103rd Birthday in hat and dress that she made just for the occasion. (Photo by Ronald Breaker)
Aunt Ella Celebrates 103rd Birthday in hat and dress that she made just for the occasion. (Photo by Ronald Breaker)

The Florida/Georgia Star

Ella Thompson, called Aunt Ella by most who knows her because she is such a personal person, celebrated 103 years of life during her weekend birthday held in Miami. The celebration started on Friday, the 20th, given by Publix in Miami where all of their shoppers were invited to join in and share the Publix baked cake and other refreshments.

Aunt Ella’s big day was Saturday. She prepared for that day by designing and making her beautiful blue teal hat and dress herself. This writer happened to watch her hand stitch the dress, without glasses, before using her sewing machine to complete it. She used materials from the dress to make her hat. When asked what persuaded her to make her own 103rd birthday dress, she stated that she is a hat, shoe and “closetholic.” She loves beautiful dresses, shoes and hats, and has always kept her closet filled with such items. She has in the past, redesigned hats after 25 years of ownership.

On Saturday, she had an unprecedented event with family and friends. She alone planned the event but rather than cooking this time, she had it catered with lots of food and drinks at the Richmond Heights Woman’s Club.

Her cake was also catered but she did not blow out the candles or cut it. She did enjoy her family and friends
singing “happy birthday” to her.

Aunt Ella’s birthday did not end on Saturday, as she was able to celebrate the three years of her life after 100, at church Sunday morning with more cake and refreshments at the Miami Home Depot, as their oldest customer. Aunt Ella truly enjoys life and her birthday weekend celebration showed that others appreciate and enjoy her many years. Aunt Ella was born on June 21, 1912.

Theodore and Helen Johnson- 70th Wedding Anniversary

YMAIL_ATTACH_1424227547947_image.jpgBy Sherrie Roberts

Sweetwater, one of Jacksonville’s well-known communities on the Westside, is the home to many ingenious residents, but 70 years ago a young man married and moved his new wife to this area and still resides there.

Theodore and Helen Johnson, after meeting at a church convention, married on Easter Sunday, April 1, 1945 in Yalaha, Florida which is Helen’s hometown. Theodore was born and raised in Sweetwater.

Helen was a homemaker and domestic worker and Theodore was self-employed in the construction business. During their years of marriage they have experienced many up and downs, some of which nearly destroyed their marriage.

But through much prayer and fasting they were determined to honor their marriage vows. Their relationship and love for each other has continued to grow. They taught their children to love God, be of service to their church, have strong work ethics and keep their marriage vows.

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