The mother of the three toddlers found wandering in Jacksonville is in hospital and the man she left to care for her children has been arrested after police discovered the home filled with dirty diapers, spoiled food and drugs. The suspect has been identified as Lanard Bell.


A citizen found the three small children walking down the 3200 block of San Diego Road and summoned police.  Approximately three hours after the children were found, the suspect contacted police to report them missing.


Officers responded to the address and found the home in utter disarray.  Marijuana was found in front of the living room couch.  A scale and pipe were found on top of  the coffee table in the living room.    Dirty diapers were on the floor, mattresses were standing against the wall, and unusable beds with no sheets.  There was spoiled food on the floor and in the kitchen area.  The mother had left the children in the care of the suspect while she was in the hospital (which police did verify).


This is still an ongoing investigation.  The suspect was arrested for six counts of child neglect, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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