Stolen Car Ring Caught

Posted on 16 December 2009 by The Florida Star Online

Apparently the law changed, and the six men above and three others, were not aware of the change as they performed their operation buying or transporting stolen cars. After receiving the vehicles, the operators would salvage them for parts and crush them into scrap metal. The method of stealing the vehicles was so fast, it was difficult to keep up, according to Sheriff Rutherford. A person would leave their cars for just a short moment and return to an empty space. The vehicle would be destroyed before the police could follow up with a report. However, a law went to affect last year that required all cars to come with a title of ownership before the car could be crushed.

The report said the thefts occurred at ABC Automotive and Salvage and at R&R Used Parts. There are ten salvage businesses in this city. Arrested: Donald Taylor, Johnathan Bradley, Jerry Gadsden, Paul George, Todd Robinson and Robert Sands. Three more are wanted.

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